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Dr. Helen Magnus | Application | Lost Carnival

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Character Name:Dr. Helen Magnus
Age: 275
Species: Abnormal
Canon: Sanctuary
Canon Point: Post-S4 - Sanctuary for None – Part II - With abnormals outed as a reality to the rest of the world, Helen Magnus launches her final plan. She is coming from the end of the series finale after showing Will the massive underground Sanctuary with all of its new challenges as a new era begins.
Character Info: Wiki link
Personality: Helen Magnus is a formidable woman, fluent in many languages (Norwegian, Zulu, Italian, French, and Cambodian to name a few), scientist, and a doctor in the Victorian age where women doctors were far and few between. She is someone who pushes the limits of science and has an insatiable curiosity. Helen also has a need to see harmony between the Human and Abnormal worlds. It's something that she would give her life to accomplish and has nearly done so on many occasions. She's British to the core, clinging to her accent, and her use of language that come from the Victorian age and has many quirks and habits that have been described as 'not of this century'. Despite living in the United States for a very long time, she finds comfort in these customs, though she has taken up swearing. These mannerisms and attitudes remind her of who she is through the long five lifetimes she has lived.

Forever the sort of person who refuses to accept a world that denies her progress, Helen stubbornly rams herself through anything and sometimes anyone in her path. She takes her job as Sanctuary Global Network head extremely seriously, so much so that she takes a vacation for about three or four days every seven years. She is devoted, frequently to her own detriment, to her responsibilities. It falls to members of her inner circle to draw her out when she pulls away from them and the world. Helen, as a scientist who holds six degrees from medicine to teratology, is fascinated by the Abnormal world. After injecting herself with the Source Blood in Victorian London, she is given the gifts of longevity/eternal youth, and an exceedingly higher IQ even than the one she possessed prior to injection. After coming into contact with a vast array of Abnormals, she used her father's designs to put in place a system of Sanctuaries where Abnormals may come for shelter and aid or to come to terms with their own powers. She also helps protect those species that are too harmful or fragile for public life.

Helen and her team help keep the peace between worlds the best they can. She is usually calm and collected but in a warm sort of way, though she can be incredibly impatient when things aren't going plan, to the point where she snaps and lashes out. She nearly shot Kate Freelander after her daughter Ashley's disappearance when she was taken by the Cabal when Kate said she didn't know where her daughter was. If it hadn't been for Will, there was a great likelihood she might have severely injured the woman. Helen is a chronic micromanager who doesn't do well at all when that control is taken from her and has a deep-seated need to be in control of every aspect of her life from her relationships to her work and her biggest points of stress remain with her family and John Druitt.

She has shown that she's quite adaptive in dire situations which have nearly resulted in her death, though out of sheer stubbornness she must be coaxed into not driving herself to death (being cared for, she says, makes her teeth itch), and incredibly resilient. She spent 113 years preparing for the time when they faced an Abnormal invasion that ripped down the walls between the Human and Abnormal worlds. She is plagued with guilt over the Ripper affair as Montague John Druitt began murdering prostitutes possibly even before he asked for her hand in marriage, driven insane by an energy entity that had latched onto him when he used his own powers of teleportation. He was her first Sanctuary patient, her former fiance, and her lover. After she found that he had murdered many women and accused him of it, he went even madder, threatening her life though he was unable to actually bring himself to murder her. Helen had a daughter with Druitt, who she preserved as an embryo until she could no longer stand the loneliness.

Ashley stood by her mother for many years, even after she found out who her father was until she was turned into a powerful weapon for the Cabal. At the last moment, she was able to find herself and save her mother. This loss hit Helen hard to the point where she insisted her daughter was trapped in the electromagnetic shield that protected them from John and had to lean on her protege, Dr. Will Zimmerman, to be her emotional and moral compass when she grew too lost. It's something he continues to be as her touchstone and link to humanity.

She has been stripped of her position as Sanctuary Head four times. Once in the case of protecting a powerful abnormal named Big Bertha, she told the entire heads of the other sanctuaries across the globe that she had disposed of the giant spider-like creature only to have that lie exposed many years later when control of the creature fell into the wrong hands. She was reinstated when she proved that with the help of Will that keeping her alive was for the good of the world as she had powerful ties to the planet itself and her loss would result in global destruction. Once when she used a red listed abnormal to induce a paranoid/highly confused state, fake brain scans, and arrange the 'death' of her best friend (Biggie/Bigfoot), in order to catch a telepathic spy who intended to steal Kali. She was reinstated after the capture of said spy. And the last, by the government after an incursion by Hollow Earth (see wiki link) Abnormals that dissolved the Surface Network itself and gave way to the new Hollow Earth Sanctuary/Sanctuaries being built. In effect, she was reinstated and regrouped with the other major sanctuaries worldwide below the surface.

In the months following her daughter's death, she searched for a way that would shorten her long lifespan. Her search brought her to a Mayan tomb and nearly unleashed a zombie-like plague that would have made Humans extinct. Her arrogance and desperation, her blindness, selfishness, and secret keeping plunged the world into as small as a 1% and dwindling population. In the end, she found that that reality was only an offshoot of reality had she taken the container and opened it. Helen was patient zero, a carrier, and due to the Source Blood within her, remained unaffected. In all of these cases, in spite of her ambition, thirst for knowledge, and even in the face of the horror and loneliness that comes with her long lifespan, she has never once blamed someone else for what she has done and takes full responsibility for her actions.

Abilities: Longevity, eternal youth, Higher IQ from an injection of pure, untainted Sanguine Vampiris blood (Source Blood)

Soul Colour:  Aquamarine 
Ideal Jobs: Doctor/Nurse - on medical staff - teratology specialist, surgeon, etc., helping others deal with the radical changes they will be and are presently experiencing. Scout. Beast tamer. 
Relevant Experience: 274 years of, actually, doing the same for others in her own universe. She's a teratologist, someone who deals with the Abnormal changes and helps protect those who need it and aids in keeping the world safe from those Abnormals who are too dangerous to roam free.
Reason for Joining: Curiosity, mostly. With her new underground Sanctuary in place, her contract with the Ringmaster would be to essentially assist the world above them to slowly accept that Abnormals are a thing not to be feared and to lessen the violence as the world transitions to a place where both Abnormal and Human can interact with peace.  Perhaps a year and a day of it. It's...a pretty big thing and she knows it. But it's a very Helen thing to do, offer herself for peace and for the future.

- link to Altered States for sample
Adventure was something Helen Magnus never shied from and exploring the vastness of the underground Sanctuary, far beyond those walls was something she couldn't deny herself.  So it was that she found herself here, under contract to the Ringmaster with her eyes wide with wonder at it all.  The lights and colours, the excitement, the darker elements shining through here and there.  It was as familiar as it was alien and she drank it in with an eagerness she had long felt lacking.  It stirred her as she moved through tents, passed people much like her who had joined perhaps years before her.  A bright flash of a tail there, wings, glowing skin, all of these people becoming Abnormals or were in the beginning.  The sheer fascination would have been enough, really.

"Excuse me?"
 she asked, reaching out to catch the attention of one of the people she had fallen into step with, "I find myself a bit lost.  I was looking for the medical tent and I seem to have completely gotten myself turned around.  If you could point me in the right direction, I'd be most grateful."